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Books referencing Bickford's, Inc. restaurants, etc.

Bickford's restaurants are referenced in many books, TV shows and feature movies, including these.

Movie: "The Seven Year Itch" (1955) with Marilyn Monroe - BICKFORD'S is in the background as a large, red neon sign while Marilyn Monroe walks out of a New York City movie theater on summer's night. The scene is approximately in the middle section of the movie, one minute before the famous shot of her skirt blown upwards by air rushing from passing subway trains.

Movie: "Dark Passage" (1947) features Humphrey Bogart in a taxi at night and shows the large neon sign of a FOSTER'S restaurant, San Fransisco, West Coast division of Bickford's, Inc. Also featured, a visual of The Cliff House, famous Bickford's San Fransisco restaurant.

TV movie: "The Last Convertible"

TV show: ("Candid Camera" early 1960's episode in a Bickford's restaurant)


Read: "The Beat Generation In New York" (A Walking Tour of Jack Kerouac's City) by Bill Morgan - City Lights Books

Quotes and writings about Bickford's restaurants: 24-hour environment, and great food commentary from William F. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg - Reference pages: 22 - 23, 85

"Five-Finger Discount" by Helene Stapinski, published by Random House

Pages 70 and 87 include Bickford's cafeteria, located at: 8 Journal Square, Jersey City, New Jersey.

Excerpt from page 87 "... for Russell Lou's beauty parlor, Cara Carson's boutique, the Glove Shop, Five Corners Bakery, and State... bunch of bullets into his girlfriend there. The burgers at Bickford's cafeteria, where Hague's spies often took notes of overheard enemy conversation, ...
Harvard University: An Architectural Tour (Campus Guide)
by Douglass Shand-Tucci, et al (Paperback - July 2001)

• Excerpt from page 300 "... cafeterias (decor by Edward Hopper)-the all-night Waldorf, Albiani's, and Hayes Bickford's of the1940s, so full of minor beat poets by ..."
The Last Days of Disco, With Cocktails at Petrossian Afterwards
by Whit Stillman

• Excerpt from page 27 "... gotten accustomed to such nocturnal hangouts as the old Hayes- Bickford cafeteria in Harvard Square, where ... whatever reason, wanted to eat coffee- shop food at very strange hours. Josh Neff and Tom Platt ..."
God Save the Child
by Robert B. Parker (Paperback)

Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback - March 1977 | Audio Cassette | Hardcover (Large Print)

• Excerpt from page 156 "... 156 ROBERT B. PARKER for crime down at the Hayes-Bickford cafeteria and making sure no one tried sneaking in the Park ..."
The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGB
by Christopher Andrew, et al (Paperback )
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback | Audio Cassette (Abridged)

• Excerpt from page 142 "... "Al," met her for the last time in front of Bickford's cafeteria on 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue in New York. Unaware ..."
A Drinking Life : A Memoir
by Pete Hamill (Paperback )
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback | Audio Download (

• Excerpt from page 187 "... street fighter I ever knew. And soon, in bars and coffee shops all over Brooklyn, we were ... ... to draw with my left. There were wild fights in Bickford's cafeteria on Ninth Street and wilder ones on the sidewalks ..."

The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby"
by Tom Wolfe (Paperback )

• Excerpt from page 343 "... the sidewalk, and by 8:30 the first groups head for Bickford's Cafeteria. Someone has to stay behind to watch the automobiles. They ..."
Empire City
by Kenneth T. Jackson (Editor), David S. Dunbar (Editor) (Hardcover )

• Excerpt from page 752 "... havent got 15 cents and are looking for someone in Bickford's Cafeteria who can lay some smash on you) (lend you some ..."
The Automat: The History, Recipes, and Allure of Horn & Hardart's Masterpiece
by Lorraine B. Diehl, et al (Hardcover )

• Excerpt from page 38 "... to working women, emphasizing home cooking in proper dining rooms. Bickfords cafeterias followed, much like Horn & Hardarts, with one big exception: ..."
Always Beginning: Essays on a Life in Poetry
by Maxine Kumin (Paperback )

• Excerpt from page 172 "... in Guerard's thrall, meeting ahead of time in the Hayes Bickford cafeteria to try out our literary theories and repairing there after ..."
Ghosts of 42nd Street : A History of America's Most Infamous Block
by Anthony Bianco (Hardcover )

Kerouac and Friends: A Beat Generation Album
by Fred W. McDarrah, Timothy S. McDarrah
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback

Excerpt from page 79 "... haven't got 15 cents and are looking for someone in Bickford's Cafeteria who can lay some smash on you (lend you some ..."

Into the Mountains Dark: A WWII Odyssey from Harvard Crimson to Infantry Blue
by Franklin L. Gurley (Paperback - October 2000)

• Excerpt from page 12 "... I should return to normal. After a quick supper at Bickford's cafeteria, I took the MTA to Boston and my job at ..."
The Last Days of Disco, With Cocktails at Petrossian Afterwards
by Whit Stillman

• Excerpt from page 27 "... gotten accustomed to such nocturnal hangouts as the old Hayes- Bickford cafeteria in Harvard Square, where students, night- shift workers, nurses from ..."
The Game They Played
by Stanley Cohen, Stan Cohen (Paperback )
Other Editions: Paperback - 1977 | See all (2)

• Excerpt from page 66 "... courtroom. But try telling that to the bookmaker at the Bickford's cafeteria in the West Bronx. Try telling him you like the ..."
Inside Out: A Memoir of the Blacklist
by Walter Bernstein (Paperback )
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback

• Excerpt from page 35 "... and gravy, apple pie and a glass of milk at Bickford's cafeteria, but I could easily forgo that. Admission at the Astor ..."
by John Updike (Paperback )
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback | Audio Cassette | Unknown Binding |

• Excerpt from page 447 "... Their voices are unmistakable and everywhere. I finally found a Hayes-Bickford type of cafeteria, with outrageous island prices, up the street near the open ..."
Memoirs of a Beatnik
by Diane Di Prima, (Paperback)

• Excerpt from page 57 "...arriving in South Station at dawn, eating English muffins and coffee at the Hayes-Bickford cafeteria in the dull pink light, and then catching a bus ..."

Birth Of The Cool : Beat, Bebop, and the American Avant Garde
by Lewis MacAdams (Hardcover )
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback

• Excerpt from page 113 "... and exiting onto Forty- third Street. He hung out at Bickford's, a cafeteria beneath the marquee of the Apollo Theater, which at the ..."

Excerpt from page 121 "... it for a nickel. He spent so much time over coffee at Bickford's that the help started calling him "the Mayor." Huncke had ..."

Jack Kerouac: Selected Letters : 1940-1956
by Jack Kerouac, Ann Charters (Paperback )
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback

• Excerpt from page 140 "... real Huncke figure again in the world, angrily waiting in Bickford's, for the circles to complete themselves, and broke all the time J.... ] 1. Bickford's Cafeteria was a popular meeting place on Times Square. ..."
Ever Green The Boston Celtics:

A History in the Words of Their Players, Coaches, Fans and Foes, from 1946 to the Present
by Dan Shaughnessy (Paperback )
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback

• Excerpt from page 104 "... experience was seeing the drunks lined up outside the Hayes Bickford Cafeteria across the street from the Garden. And who could believe ..."
The Crimson Letter: Harvard, Homosexuality, and the Shaping of American Culture
by Douglass Shand-Tucci (Hardcover )
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback

• Excerpt from page 247 "... such was the time and place, equally interesting. At the Hayes-Bickford Cafeteria in Harvard Square, where she hung out with gay men ..."
What Did I Do?: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Larry Rivers
by Larry Rivers, Arnold Weinstein (Paperback )

Excerpt from page 60 "... he did come back, three hours and eight cups of Bickford's coffee later, he's holding no junk, no scag, no horse, no ..."

• Excerpt from page 86 "... with. I looked at her and found myself swallowing. At Bickford's cafeteria nearby, where a bell sounded as you pulled the check ..."
The Beats: A Literary Reference
by Matt Theado, Matt Theodo (Paperback )

• Excerpt from Index "... by Jack Kerouac, A (Charters), 146, 192 Bickfelt, Norma, 19 Bickford's cafeteria, New York, 21, 139 Big Sur (Kerouac) 6, 7,178, 201, ..."

Sugar Ray
by Sugar Ray Robinson, Dave Anderson (Paperback )

• Excerpt from page 61 "... two or three o'clock in the morning, I'd go into Bickford's Cafeteria on 116th Street and Seventh Avenue where George was waiting. ..."

Jackie Robinson: A Biography
by Arnold Rampersad (Paperback )
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback - March 1999 | Audio Cassette | Paperback (Large Print) |

• Excerpt from page 337 "... I hired Jackie Robin- son," he declared, "I recommend Martinson's coffee. It's just as good. As for our restaurants, there are Nedick's, Bickford's and Horn and Hardart in our price range. Try them. ..."

Memoirs of a Bastard Angel: A Fifty-Year Literary and Erotic Odyssey
by Harold Norse (Paperback )

Excerpt from page 54 "... opera, ballet, movies, and bars, ate in cafeterias (Stewart's and Bickford's) and Horn and Hardart's automaton ... food. Lunch cost twenty-five cents, coffee and subway fare a nickel, ... stood absently gazing into a shop window, and if they stopped, you asked for a light ..."

• Excerpt from page 110 "... began at the San Remo and ended near dawn in Bickford's Cafeteria on Fourteenth Street, I met someone who would become a ..."
Kerouac: A Biography
by Ann Charters (Paperback )
Other Editions: Paperback | Unknown Binding |

• Excerpt from page 54 "... Street and took a job as a bus boy at Bickford's Cafeteria. He decided to join the Merchant Marine, and he also ..."
I Want to Thank My Brain for Remembering Me : A Memoir
by Jimmy Breslin (Paperback )
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback | Hardcover (Large Print)

• Excerpt from page 92 "... going for dinner. We walked under the El to the Bickford's Cafeteria. They had Jell-O with whipped cream in the window. Inside ..."
Cultural Front: The Laboring of American Culture in the Twentieth Century (The Haymarket Series)
by Michael Denning (Paperback )
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback

• Excerpt from page 332 "... those working-class self-taught Jewish New Yorkers" who would "congregate in cafeterias like the Automat or Bickford's to drink endless cups of coffee and argue over Lenin and at Milt Gablcr's Commodore Record Shop; his role models were the jazz producer John Hammond, "with ...""
The Wizard of Odds: How Jack Molinas Almost Destroyed the Game of Basketball
by Charles Rosen, Charley Rosen (Hardcover )
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback

• Excerpt from page 15 "... they were real- ly flush, they'd have a snack at Bickford's Cafeteria on the Grand Concourse and 188th Street. Upon entering Bickford's, ..."

Excerpt from page 157 "... airport, we're all sitting around a table in a hotel coffee shop and going over our last-minute ... We met again at the Bickford's on Fifty-seventh Street and I said to Wagman and Green, ..."

Run Man Run
by Chester Himes (Paperback )
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback

• Excerpt from page 176 "... corner was a big chain drugstore; on the other a cafeteria of the Bickford chain. There were subway kiosks on all the corners. The ..."
Creating a Place for Ourselves: Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Community Histories
by Brett Beemyn (Paperback )
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback

• Excerpt from page 1 "... on in men's rooms, and in theaters. There was a Bickford's [cafeteria] there all night, and a big cafe- teria right there ..."
Gay New York: Gender, Urban Culture, and the Making of the Gay Male World, 1890-1940
by George Chauncey (Paperback )
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback

• Excerpt from Back Matter "... this versatile city of New Yawp." In later years certain cafeterias in gay bar districts, such as a Bickford's on Lexington Avenue in the East Fifties, were whimsically nicknamed ..."
When Boston Rode the El (Images of America (Arcadia Publishing))
by Frank Cheney , Anthony Mitchell Sammarco (Paperback )

• Excerpt from page 60 "... Foster's Wharves are on the right, along with a Hayes-Bickford Cafeteria, one of a large popular restaurant chain that once served ..."
The Electronic Republic: Reshaping Democracy in the Information Age
by Lawrence K. Grossman (Paperback )
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback

• Excerpt from page 167 "... floor, or the Grand Tier one level higher still, or Bickford's Cafeteria, across the street on Seventh Avenue. At Bickford's 50 ..."
The San Francisco Renaissance:

Poetics and Community at Mid-Century (Cambridge Studies in American Literature and Culture)
by Michael Davidson, et al (Paperback )
Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback

• Excerpt from page 79 "... mind that is felt while one sits all night in Bickford's cafeteria. Many of these word clusters resemble T. S. Eliot's slightly ..."

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