Market Trader Service - Consultation

The Market Trader Service is a high level consulting service offered to improve the results of professional managers. Anticipated results are in line with opportunities offered by the various and dynamic markets. This service identifies profit opportunities for arbitrage, day or and position trades. Mainly focused are the U.S. stock markets and the various financial futures markets. Positions may be held for a period ranging from approximately one hour, one week, or longer, depending on market conditions. This forecast and performance consultation service may be provided through mutually agreed communications avenue or on-site, at client's offices, if required.

The Market Trader Service is an in depth extension of the forecast service. While the weekly forecasts provide early insight to general direction, the Market Trader Service provides specific trading forecasts, tailored to client requirements. The Market Trader and basic weekly forecast services may be applied to all markets, including single sided buy/sell positions, multi-sided arbitrage and hedge trading. This forecast information is useful for market trading as well as inventory adjustments and many other business related decisions. Professional traders and capital managers will make best use of this service.

Customized trading and support services at the client's location may be available.

For more information: e-mail inquires.

As shown in the Forecast Record for 1998 - 1999 - 2000 - 2001, Plazaview's weekly forecasts are consistently accurate. Year after year, the Plazaview forecast service provides for a higher rate of profit on a relatively low volume of trading activity. The Plazaview system has been 89.9% forecast accurate during 1995 -1999. The system was further refined and since 1999, the rate of forecast accuracy has been 100%. You may compare the Forecast Record with a chart of the same time period for an evaluation of accuracy.

This service is available to qualified individuals and management companies.

Included Markets List

(expanded forecast list may be available)


FX / Currencies:

U. S. Dollar Index, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Euro Currency, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc

Energy: Crude Oil, Gasoline (Gulf), Heating Oil (NY), Natural Gas (NY)

Metals: Gold, Silver, Copper

Commodity Index: CRB Index

Stock Index: S & P 500 Index

Yield Rate & 30 year Treasury Bond

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