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The full benefits of this professional service is available to Market Trader subscribers. As a free introduction to the service, provides weekly forecasts for anyone visiting the web site. Free delivery of the same web site information is available by request. Web site readers are encouraged to subscribe to either the free service or the Market Trader service.'s weekly forecasts have time-sensitive value and the convenience of e-mailed delivery service.

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  - Details and History -

This is the financial industry's source for current market forecasts. Our primary focus is the U.S. stock and T-bond markets. Forecasts of other financial markets are provided as we find them relevant to primary investment decisions. The weekly forecast is issued in clear terms with fresh insight into market condition and direction. Investment advice is not provided.

This service assists financial professionals, who must be informed and remain current regarding the direction and condition of the markets in which client funds are invested.

This market forecast service is directed to the full range of investment styles. These include conservative investors and money managers, as well as stock traders, day traders, hedge fund managers, index, and option traders, among others, who realize the benefits of this service. Whether you use leverage and hedge through the futures and options markets, or your style is very conservative, this is the professional advantage that best serves you.

This forecast service is designed to improve your performance. is the competitive advantage that compliments your experience, money management skills and sales ability, regardless of investment style.

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  - History of - evolved from the experience and insight of two proprietary traders. As exchange members, trading on the floor of the New York Futures Exchange (NYFE), during the mid-80's, Mr. J. S. Bickford and Mr. J. S. Cohen, both with years of prior market trading experience, found a way to resolve the demanding realities of day trading and leveraged risk management. That insight became a powerful forecast system as it evolved to application in other markets with consistent and accurate results. Today, the same competitive advantage is available through the weekly forecasts of The weekly forecasts can be successfully applied by both, short term and long term money managers, trading and investing in the financial markets.

J. S. Bickford is the editor and chief market analyst at His market experience began in New York City as a proprietary portfolio manager during the "stag-flation" decade of the 1970's. That extended period of sideways movement in the stock market, combined with inflation, introduced many conservative money managers to futures markets as a 5% of capital adjunct for improved risk/reward performance. Always on the leading edge, this period of experience led to Mr. Bickford's broader insight and application of fundamental and technical forecasting in the dynamic financial markets.

During the mid-80's, Mr. Bickford designed a day trading system for proprietary use. This computer driven system of index arbitrage was for trading between the S&P 500 index and the NYSE index. As the 1980's evolved and the index arbitrage became more commonly understood, Mr. Bickford evolved his proprietary trading applications to daily market forecasting for the benefit of day traders. This system provided an early warning of the major correction that occurred in 1987. This consistent market insight, forecast accuracy, and adaptation to market change is now available to investment professionals via

Today, Mr. Bickford's forecasts are based on many years of broad market experience and dynamic, adaptive skills. Through, the reader will find insightful, weekly forecasts that are clear and succinct.

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 - Information Summary -

  • Forecast information, like a precision tool, is applied at the discretion of the professional money manager, according to his or her requirements.
  •'s goal is to provide the most accurate market forecasting, conveyed in a clearly stated informational style.
  • provides insightful, competitive information for ease of understanding and best use.
  • provides investment professionals with superior insight into the current market condition and direction of the stock and T-bond markets. Other financial markets are included as warranted by current events.
  • Market forecasting is a skill as well as a science. Forecasting can be extremely accurate, but it is never an exact, on time science. Because all market participants are not interpreting the same information at the same time, there can be delays in the outcome of accurately forecasted events. These delays can range from days to months, however, the forecasts are provided weekly, and events unfolding or delayed are updated and accurately described.
  • Each week, the forecast is issued to benefit investment decision makers. The emphasis is conclusive, and provides bottom line market direction and insight, described in a brief format.
  • This service provides an easy to follow weekly trading guide.
  • A clear and useful brief forecast of the next week's market conditions is available before the beginning of each week. With the benefit of this forecast service, experienced and skilled managers can plan investment strategy before the week begins.

Advance knowledge in skilled hands is financial power to our readers.

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