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Opportunities For Individual or Corporate Partner is a proprietary system of consistently accurate, financial market forecasting. In addition to the weekly forecast service, co-venture opportunities are available.

1) Market Forecast Newsletter - Expansion

Syndication, reprint and broadcast of weekly forecast - content -

2) Support Service for Established Fund - Consulting

Advisory support service to existing fund management clients - Market analysis, investment, and trading supported by's consistent, proprietary forecast service -

The Market Forecast Newsletter - The Plazaview market forecast service is available for media syndication and rebroadcast by licensed agreement. An e-commerce opportunity is available for a corporate partner, subscription news service and syndication. provides consistently accurate market forecast content on a weekly cycle.

  • The newsletter is a professional, weekly forecast service. The service provides financial market forecasts for capital managers and qualified individuals. A concise, highly accurate insight of market condition and direction, with short and long term perspectives is issued. The weekly forecast is e-mailed to subscribers.
  • As content provider, gives your media distribution or news service all the advantages of proprietary analysis systems and the early market forecast perspective of experienced pit trading. This offer is limited to select clients and distribution networks.

Plazaview Features

  • In the past, with a low volume of conservatively managed capital trading, the Plazaview forecast has realized an average annual (1993 - 1999) net capital return of 34%.
  • The service continually updates its proprietary system with the dynamic market changes. Accuracy of forecasts has been good and is improved with the evolving development of new, proprietary systems.
  • Long term accuracy of forecasts: 61% (1985 to Dec. 1999)*
  • Accurate forecasts and trades: 64% (1986 to Dec. 1990)*
  • Accurate forecasts and trades: 58% (1991 to Dec. 1999)*
  • Accurate forecasts and trades: 89% (1995 to Dec. 1999)*
  • Accurate forecasts and trades: 100% (2000 -1)
  • Accurate forecasts continue with current weekly service.
  • *Note: Industry average is approximately 10 to 20% accuracy. The Plazaview development of an improved proprietary forecast system has resulted in higher accuracy. The results of this system have been clearly evident and rewarding.

If you are a news media manager, a sales or marketing professional, a capital manager, or a financial markets entrepreneur, inquire for additional information by clicking here.


The Established Investment Fund Service - The consulting service.

  • This is an opportunity for an existing fund manager to improve the performance of his /her fund.'s service improves capital management performance through effective weekly forecasts, suited to your investment situation.
  •'s leading market insight will quickly improve the performance of under performing fund managers and protect the fund from blind-sided market risk.



These are co-venture opportunities for a corporate partner, a qualified entrepreneur, and /or an existing investment fund manager.

The weekly forecast service is time sensitive and updated before the beginning of the week. The basic, e-mailed forecast service is available for subscribers. The Market Trader Forecast is a consulting service and it is fee based. Further information can be accessed through the home page directory. The weekly forecasts can also be accessed through the directory. is the leading forecast because the analysis is early, ahead of the rest and consistently accurate. This forecast service is designed to meet the demands of financial markets trading as well as long term investment objectives. An examination of the Plazaview library will provide an accurate record of weekly forecast performance. The library of past weekly forecasts is available by clicking here. This excellent, weekly information is available for insightful management and marketers with the business resources to share in's commercial potential.

The Plazaview forecast was introduced as an e-mailed service in August, 1998. The web site was launched in January, 1999. The weekly forecast is edited and provided by Jeffrey Bickford. The history of and Jeffrey S. Bickford is available to read by clicking here. Subscribers to the weekly forecast are located world-wide.

For your business interests, contact the editor, Jeffrey S. Bickford.